Cedar roof

Cedar roof is known for its beauty. The onlookers and even you wouldn’t get enough of looking at your house and appreciate the outlook with a cedar roof. But apart from the beauty cedar roof gives your house in Mantua Township, NJ, there are many other significant qualities that make this roof so special. Good roofing secures a living space, is durable and protects the house from harsh external environments. Heritage Exterior Replacements uses high-quality cedar shingles that would greatly add to the visual appeal of your house.

Here are some of the amazing qualities this roof possesses:

Insect Resistance

With this roof, you don’t have to worry about termite infestations on your roof. If a termite attaches to a house, it can grow exponentially and destroy the house eventually. Termites damage the walls and roof and it may make your house in Mantua Township, NJ, vulnerable and weak. Moreover, the costs of repair can break your bank. However, this type of roof can repel these termites and other insect infestation and keep your place protected and secured.

Low maintenance with reliable insulation

It is best known for its remarkable insulation. The shingles used act as a barrier that secures the insides of your living space from the water and unbearable winds. It prevents the temperature inside from rising due to the scorching sun outside and keeps the insides cool. The grains inside the shingles of cedar have pockets of air that trap the heat and prevent it from heating up during the summer. They provide remarkable protection to the interior of your house in Mantua Township, NJ.

Similarly, a cedar roof allows your house in Mantua Township, NJ, to stay warm during the winter as the air pockets prevent the heat from escaping. Nothing can penetrate these shingles. Your house in Mantua Township will be well protected from pests, water, harsh winds, and crazy temperatures by a cedar roof.


With the rapid climate change, it is always better to switch to eco-friendly options to help the environment. It is very ecologically sound as it is entirely organic and does not pose any risks or harms to the environment in Mantua Township, NJ, all while being long-lasting, durable and protective.

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